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"For me, being a kinesiologist is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."

Welcome! The very fact that you're here, means you've likely been searching for answers to your health and wellness issues, and your journey has led you to Kinesiology.
I would love the chance to help you take those first steps to find your inner health and wellbeing
About Kinesiology

The body is intelligent; it has an inherent ability to return to good health (or balance). If we ask the right "questions" the body will indicate what is needed.  This is a bit like using a mouse with a computer and being able to access all types of information (using a left or right click).


Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring (bio-feedback) to identify stresses or patterns in your body that may be causing dis-ease. Once stress has been identified in relation to a particular muscle, organ or meridian channel we use a number of techniques using points/positions on your body to help dissolve that stress.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that sits alongside other more mainstream western medicine techniques.

Kinesiology is not used to diagnose disorders.


As this therapy is client centred, as opposed to prescriptive, it is highly likely I will give you homework, so you can help yourself in between our sessions.

What to expect in a session
  • Initial Consultations last 90 mins. This is your chance to share your issues and concerns so that we are best placed to address what's bothering you the most. You will be sent a form to complete prior to your session. This will cover off a range of questions about your sleep, digestion, your physical, mental, emotional state and your main concerns. This gives us a good starting point for discussion when you arrive at the clinic.

  • After our initial chat, you will likely spend the remainder of the session lying on the treatment table. We will monitor specific muscles and body regions to pinpoint the underlying stresses (these can be physical, mental, emotional or biochemical). Techniques used to balance these stressors may use sound, Bach Flower essences, energy, crystals, chakras, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or acupressure points to re-balance what we find. We may simply discuss what comes up for you and allow you a chance to join the dots.

  • Follow up sessions are booked for 60mins. This time is spent reviewing what has happened or changed for you in between sessions. Together we will decide whether we continue working on the same issue(s) or on something else that has become apparent and a priority.

About Amanda

I'm a middle aged (& proud of it), wife, daughter, sister, mum, friend. I've had my share of "women's" problems over the years and have learnt techniques to deal with them, improve them, or even just move on from them. Kinesiology has helped me enormously on a personal level and I hope that it can help you too.

Kinesiology can help with the following issues;

Fertility and menstrual problems, weight management, self esteem, relationship stress, physical, mental and emotional concerns, aches and pains, depression, anxiety, digestive complaints, sleep problems and more.

Holistic Kinesiology looks at the whole you, and helps bring you back to wellness.

Qualifications & Experience

Diploma of Kinesiology

Diploma of Energetic Healing

Reiki level 3 

Bach Flower Remedies