Treatments & Services

All sessions are client-focused. Meaning it's all about you!

Kinesiology - 

Initial Consultation

90 mins @ 140 dollars

Kinesiology - Follow up Consultation

60 mins @ 110 dollars

Reiki Session

60 mins @ 110 dollars

Our first meeting is a chance to talk through your "health form" and identify the main issues that you want to work on.


The remaining time will see you relax on the treatment table, where we will tap into your body and identify the stresses and possible causes that are showing for you today. 

Follow up appointments are for one hour (as we spend less time talking up front). Or you can re-book for the full 90 minutes if you prefer.

Here we will establish what has shifted or come to light for you, in between sessions and continue our work on the priority issue.

The majority of this session will be about balancing the stresses your body is presenting.


Reiki is an ancient hands on healing technique, where the practitioner channels Universal Energy to the client.


21 hand positions work over all regions of the body, balancing your energy fields. You can expect to relax in silence on the treatment table, for the whole session.